Hydraulic Fracturing FAQs

Are the flaming faucets from Dimock, PA fake?

Not only are the flaming faucets from Dimock real, but contamination has been conclusively traced to the fracking-related activity of one particular company.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) investigation revealed that the methane contamination was due to gas drilling, specifically finding that 18 drinking-water wells in the area were affected by the operations of Cabot Oil & Gas (1, 2).

Further tests of Dimock water by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also clearly showed contaminants traceable to Cabot's fracking activities.

Industy arguments that methane occurs naturally in the environment in the Dimock area and therefore should be expected in the water suplly are dangerously misleading. A Duke University study found that drilling into the methane layer allows the natural but toxic gas to migrate into the water supply.

Next Question: Haven't there been flaming faucets for years because methane is a naturally occurring gas?

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