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From the beginning, Gasland's been more than just a movement to protect our environment and health. This is a movement about protecting our democracy and right to decide the future of our country. Join us today to make sure decisions are made by the people and not the fossil fuel industries.

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Share the science: The stories told in Gasland were shared across the globe by people like you. Help us share the stories and science of Gasland Part II.

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Get connected with your local group. No matter where you live, fracking poses a threat. But just as a both rural communities and big cities are at risks, there are groups working across the globe to fight fracking.

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President Obama’s made his vision for our country very clear. Like the fossil fuel companies he believes Natural Gas and fracking is the future of this country. We know this is not the right answer. Tell President Obama you’re not from Gasland.


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What we’re trying to do is nothing short of changing the world. To that end we’ve made two feature films, seven short films, which we’ve toured extensively around the United States and across the world. We’ve been able to respond rapidly to this public health crisis, making films that that illuminate and educate the public, while giving a voice to the folks most vulnerable. Your support has made that possible so far, but we have much more work to do and further to go on the road to securing our future. We hope you’ll consider becoming a part of our work, we can’t do it without you.

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